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    After recieving great feedback from our early customers, we implemented
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    "Effective for a stealth approach and it is quiet as there is no clicking of gears like a pedal bike"
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Glide Patrol

Innovation in short-range patrol

Setting the standard in economical cleantech patrol solutions

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Pursuit Solutions

Featuring C3 Patrol technology - our Pursuit Lights system comes with front and rear light modules in addition to 3 lighting modes. Our 2-tone siren is compact yet has plenty of decibles! All component are controlled with 2 handlebar mount buttons.

Cargo Options

Glide Patrol units all come with a track mount system on the rear rack platform. This track is compatable with a series of trunk bags for storage and utility. Our bags offer mutliple options with pockets and zippers. We also have a great utily trailer with a 125lb capacity!

Removable Battery

Our removable lithium battery system
features an easy slide-in track for quick hot-swap functionality in addition to a key driven lock for security. Charge in place or remotely with 4Amp charger. Manual "current charge" indicator on protective hard shell case.


Best personal Patrol Cruiser on the market today! Our G2 series cruisers are fast, agile and super easy to ride with vertually zero learning curve. Goes slow and methodical when needed, but can rally up to 25 MPH in an immediate response situation.

Our Expertise

Glide Patrol (G2), a division of Glide Cruisers, USA has been in the electric cycle business since 2010 serving a variety of markets (as illustrated below). We have enhanced our technologies over the years to maximize ridability, safety and customer satisfaction. In early 2015 we began reengineered our line and developed some highly effective features now available in our all-new 2016 line. Positioned to compete with Segway and T3, Glide Patrol is ready to become the industry standard for short-range patrol transportation.

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Glide Patrol

Development Team

Glide Patrol is a division of Glide Cruisers, USA and the industrial innovation center of our organization.

Christopher Wiggins

CEO / Design Engineer

Company founder and lead product designer, Christopher Wiggins began his career in the sportings goods field as the founder and President of Nevin Sports Systems, Inc. Nevin designed and manufacturered premium watersport products and the company was utlimately sold to Coleman Company in 1998. After 10 years in software and web design, Wiggins came full circle back into product development in 2010 with the new venture Glide Cruisers, USA. Following several years of development and test markets, Glide Patrol was introduced as a division of Glide Cruisers to innovate short-range Police / Patrol cruisers. In early 2015 Wiggins spearheaded the design for our all-new 2016 product line. Watch for more innovative design ideas in the future - as that is Chris' great passion.

Milo Wilhite

Mechanical Engineer

Milo Wilhite joined our team in 2015 as our lead mechanical engineer. With over 15 years of mechanical and electrical engineering, Milo brought lots of practical experience and ability to help innovate. Our 2016 product line was positioned to be more bullet-proof and practical to manufacture. Milo played an instrumental role in meeting our goals with the new models and effeciency in fabrication and production. We have a new off-road model on the board which is due to be released in late 2017. Milo is busy working on these drawings we expect to be meeting a new unaddressed market in the off-road markets with this new long-awaited model series. Stay tuned!

Phil Keester

Director of Business Development

Phil spent over 30 years in various places around the world as a jack of trades in the marine industry that concluded with being a team member of four America’s Cup teams and events between 1992 to 2003 in San Diego and New Zealand. The last 13 years has included some project work of various nature and sales work in the telecommunications, Stand Up Paddleboard and Fitness verticals. Living one adventurous step at a time!


Miles pER Charge


Hours TO Charge


Top Speed



Electric Cycles

Our Latest Patrol Cruisers

Industry Leading Alternate Transportation Short-Range Patrol Solutions

Defender (PS1)

  • Economy Model
  • Pursuit Lights Kit (Optional)
  • Siren Kit (Optional)
  • Front Running Light
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(Included PS1 & PS2)
  • Hot-Swap Battery System
  • Zero Emmision Technology
  • 17.5Ah Lithium Battery
  • 48V 1000 Watt Motor
  • Silent Operation
  • Integrated Rear Fender
  • Cargo Rack w/ MTX Mount
  • Wireless Ignition System
  • LED Display Computer
  • Mechanical Disc Brakes
  • 26" Front Wheel
  • 20" Rear Hub Wheel
  • Front Suspension Fork

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Enforcer (PS2)

  • Flagship Model
  • Pursuit Lights Kit FR/RR
  • Siren Kit
  • Front Running Lights
  • Rear Running Lights
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